4 Benefits Of Having A Church Mobile App

Does your church have an app yet? Perhaps you’re considering getting an app but aren’t sure if you need one. Here are 4 reasons why your church might benefit from having a church mobile app.

1. Allows members to stream sermons and podcasts on-the-go

Keeping your congregation fed with Biblical teaching and preaching, regardless of their circumstances, is an important part of your ministry. If your church livestreams sermons or podcasts, an app is a convenient way for your members to watch and listen to those. Members who travel a lot or have kids may particularly appreciate an app because they can listen on-the-go. An app could also be a great way to stay connected with shut-ins and other members who are unable to be in the pew on Sunday morning but still want to listen and be a part of weekly worship.

2. Makes giving fast and easy

If giving is convenient, members tend to give more often. So why not set up a place on your church’s app for members to give? If you’re fundraising for a specific project like a new program or building, you can include progress graphs, to give your congregation a visual guide as to how much is left until you reach your goal.

3. Gives you a convenient way to notify members of events and announcements.

Another benefit to offering a mobile app is that it helps members keep up with church events and important announcements. You can have a calendar directly in the app and allow church members to “opt in” to notifications, so they won’t miss out. Additionally, you could have an announcements tab with reminders and announcements, which you could update on a weekly basis.

4. Provides members with an easy way to submit a prayer request or get in touch with a church leader.

Have you ever considered how an app could be a great asset for prayer and communication within your church body? One of your app’s features could be a prayer request page, where church members submit prayer requests (anonymously or with their name attached). Additionally, sometimes a member may want to contact a pastor or church leader for prayer or guidance, and an app gives your members a non-intimidating way to reach out.

While many churches have embraced digital tools like apps, others are hesitant or fearful to use technology. But a mobile app can be an incredibly valuable tool, bolstering your fundraising efforts, improving communication, and providing an easy way for your members to engage with your ministry. If you’re still on the fence, conduct a survey with your members and staff to see if the need/interest for an app is there!