How To Keep a Congregation Engaged Remotely

When the pandemic hit last year, it sent a lot of businesses and ministries scrambling to figure out how to maintain relationships virtually. Churches were particularly affected, as relationships and connection are at the core of what they do. Not everything is back to normal yet and some churches may be looking for ways to connect with the sick or elderly in their congregation, so we thought it would be helpful to share 3 ways you can keep your congregation engaged remotely.

Offer mobile and online giving options

If some of your members are unable to meet in person or you still have a significant portion of your congregation watching church online, it can be tough to help them remember to give. They aren’t walking through those doors on Sunday morning, so they may forget to give or feel like giving is more complicated now. You can encourage your members to continue giving by making it easy for them to do so. By offering mobile or online giving options, you allow them to invest in the church body they’re a part of even though they are unable to attend in person. “Text to give” is a great option for the younger crowd, but you could also offer a way to give via the website or a check in the mail.

Invite members to join a Bible reading plan

Start reading a book of the Bible as a church or invite members to join a 30-day devotional on the Bible app. The Bible app allows you to start a devotional plan with other participants and read along together, and at the end of each day there’s a comment section where participants can share what the Lord taught them that day. This would be an excellent way to not only stay connected and keep members engaged, but also dive deeper into the Word together. It’s also great for accountability and encouragement, because you’re coming together as a community to study God’s Word and learn from it outside the Sunday morning sermon.

Post enriching digital content

If your church members are missing out on the fellowship and connection that comes with gathering together, do your best to use social media and email channels to do that.

  • Livestream your sermons and post them to your social media channels and website.
  • Start a podcast for your women’s ministry, post meaningful content to your blog.
  • Have your worship team lead a virtual worship night via Zoom or Facebok live.

These tips are practical and for in-person connection, but remind your membership that virtual encouragement, gathering, connection–it’s all temporary. Normalcy will return eventually. And we have an even greater hope: there is nothing virtual or remote about the connection we have in Christ! Our faith binds us together as a family. So even if we didn’t have the internet or websites or social media, we would be (and are!) united as one, connected by the deepest bond which is Christ.