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For too long, churches have regarded the digital world as a secular space. Some church leaders even think they’re keeping their ministries pure and uncomplicated by staying off of the digital sphere. But Christianity has always flourished when it’s made accessible to the most people. With online tools, it’s possible, even sometimes simpler, to do this without compromising the truth.

This is your chance to invite all types of people to become part of your community: the in-person visitor, the cautious newcomer to town, and the online non-believer curious about Christianity. The welcoming, open-armed church is the one with an approachable online presence.

Let’s find out what it might look like for your church to start multiplying believers and members in your community.


Expanding Beyond the Typical

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Media Management

Online Lesson Library

Keep shareable, re-watchable full-length lessons in one place with an online library. Let new visitors see what your church has to offer

Custom Website

Custom Website

Your church’s digital focal point and first contact with most new visitors. Easily and attractively display everything they need to know

Multiply Believers

Multiply Believers

One-size-fits-all wasn’t Jesus’s approach, and it isn’t ours, either. Together, we’ll learn what will help you multiply believers around you.

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Social Media

Social media helps you to share the current goings-on at your church, keeping everyone, new or established, in the loop.

Simple, Effective Outreach

Simplified Outreach

The digital church is one with open arms. Keep new member forms organized and reach out via email with a specially-made outreach plan.


App Compatibility

Your digital campus is available on all the most popular streaming devices, including:



Your digital campus is free to download directly from the Roku app store through a specific code or search functionality.


Amazon Fire

For Amazon Fire users, accessing the digital campus is effortless. Simply download the app, connect, and you have convenient access.



Access the digital campus directly through an app on your Chromecast, allowing for easy streaming of live sermons, past sermons, and series.

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