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Digital Ministry should compliment Traditional

Our digital ministry provides church leaders an opportunity to connect and disciple their congregations. Now everyone can attend services and stay active and grow as a community.

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Digital Ministry

We are called to do better,
Let's rethink how the we Connect

Church leaders now have an opportunity to explore other avenues of digitizing services. This means finding an online solution for churchgoers to stay active within the community. Thus, a digital presence can help extend church operations to a broader audience. Expanding the congregation from a small community of churchgoers to multiple attendees across the nation. It also allows those who can’t attend church services the chance to connect from anywhere in the world and become a part of the congregation.    

5Fold Digital makes all this possible and more. Our digital ministry model connects the church with churchgoers across the country. Until recently, the church’s teachings were limited to a local community. Now church leaders can spread the gospel and amplify God’s word beyond the church walls. And, extend church meetings from occasional to daily and share the teachings of Jesus with a wider audience online. Digital engagement helps grow your network with more activities, services, and studies for a deeper connection to faith communities everywhere.

Bringing the Church to the Digital World

Our model for digital ministry

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A Meeting Place Online

Most churches meet on Sundays, and on occasion, Wednesday nights. Only seeing each other 2 nights a week leaves our faith communities looking for a truer, deeper connection. When it’s done right, digital engagement can bring the same genuine relationships online.


Beyond the Church Walls

The church is called to not just make a like-minded community but also to take the Gospel to people in our towns and cities. When it comes to finding out more about your church or studying a biblical topic, the first step most people take is searching online. Let’s make sure we’re ready for them.


Discipleship in Every Form

One of the most repeated commands in Scripture is to remember. As ministers of the Gospel, we should remind one another of God’s truths. To carry out discipleship like this, we should be using every tool at our disposal; including digital discipleship.

What We Can Do for the Church

Whether you are a preacher, reverend, pastor, or another church leader who is ready to spread the gospel online, our digital ministry program can help. The following are just some of the ways we help churches connect with a wider audience.

Website, Mobile App & TV App

Communication and Interaction

Your cental communication hubs allow your network to tune in anytime they want to communicate and interact with your services easily and effectively.

Live Event Hosting

Host Live Events

Through our helpful features, your church can host engaging live events not just for local churchgoers, but for a wider community of participants outside the church.

Simple, Effective Outreach

Simple, Effective Outreach

Make learning more about a new church easy and inviting. We’ll help you plan out systems to help you carry out internal and external ministries.

Media Management

Media Management

Sermons, pictures, flyers, and more… you’ve got a lot of content. We’ll organize and house it in one accessible place for your staff and church.

Uniquely Tailored Design

Uniquely Tailored Design

We’ll craft an appealing look your church family can unite around. Share your church’s distinct voice with expert-crafted design elements.

Social Media

Social Media

We can help manage your social media channels and also help you create custom content to share with your audience to enhance your presence.

What Does Your Digital Mission Field Look Like?

We can help connect it for you.

Resources for You

Here are some lessons on the ways the digital church is making an impact.

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