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Not every member of your ministry will want to connect with a smartphone. That's where our TV app comes in, providing the bridge between the physical and digital campus to appeal to an even broader demographic of Christians.

Offer sermons, past recording, and more with instant TV accessibility.

Bridge the gap with a digital campus that’s accessible on every smart TV.

Access online libraries, watch sermons live, and more.



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Watch Live Sermons

Watch Live Sermons

With live accessibility for all sermons, the barriers involved in the average church community are removed. Whether watching at home or with family and friends, live sermons via our TV app are the best of both worlds.


Watch Ministry Series

Watch Ministry Series

Access ministry series and content to enhance your message and provide continued education to your watchers. With our TV app, content is accessible around the clock.




Through the library feature, you can populate your TV app with countless older sermons, series, and video content to further improve engagement and provide even greater connectivity.


App Compatibility

Your digital campus is available on all the most popular streaming devices, including:



Your digital campus is free to download directly from the Roku app store through a specific code or search functionality.


Amazon Fire

For Amazon Fire users, accessing the digital campus is effortless. Simply download the app, connect, and you have convenient access.



Access the digital campus directly through an app on your Chromecast, allowing for easy streaming of live sermons, past sermons, and series.

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