Your Ministry Needs A TV App – Here’s Why

If your church is currently offering in-person services only, perhaps it’s time to explore your virtual options. A TV app can be a great way to provide an additional avenue for your congregants to tune-in to your services. Here are some of the benefits of having a TV app for your ministry.

Broadens your audience

How wide are you casting your net? Too often ministries limit themselves to the local church, but God’s vision is much wider and more diverse than that. Offering your sermons virtually via a live stream helps you to not only reach your local audience (who may be unable to attend in-person due to poor health or a busy work schedule) but also a global audience who may not have a local church to call home. This allows you to minister to the needs of the saints, no matter where they are in the world.

Provides easy access to past sermons

Another benefit to having a TV app is the archive feature. Members can listen live online or, if they want to share a sermon with a friend or re-watch a message that spoke to them, they can easily go back and browse previous messages. God’s Word is powerful, and you never know how God may use a single message to change someone’s life.

Gives visitors a pressure-free introduction to your church

If your church is rapidly growing in size, a TV app is a great way to welcome visitors to your church. Visitors may or may not be coming from a church background, so having your service broadcasted gives individuals a chance to visit your church without pressuring them to meet a bunch of people or visit again if they don’t want to.

If your church doesn’t currently have a TV app for live streaming, we invite you to consider how beneficial it could be for your church. Ultimately, it provides both members and visitors alike a virtual alternative to attending in person, giving you a cost-effective way to extend your reach and grow.